Saturday, July 13, 2013

Here I begin.

I have resisted blogging for quite some time. I would sit down to write - actually most of the time I would just think about sitting down to write - and I would give up quickly. The loudest voices in my head told me "What do YOU have to say to anyone? Who would care to read anything you wrote?"

For a long time I was a lurker on Twitter, consuming eagerly but never posting anything for the same reasons I've been hesitant to blog. I didn't value my own contributions. The fear of irrelevance seems to be a common one.

I often give the following advice to my friends when I think they are being hard on themselves: if that were someone else other than you saying or feeling the things you are describing, what would your response be? Would you ever be as negative toward someone else as you are to your own sweet self? Of course you wouldn't.

So I'm taking my own advice and giving it a shot. Because while I'm not convinced yet that I have any great words of wisdom to offer anyone, I do wonder about so many things.

I wonder about how we get our kids on board with good Digital Citizenship habits when we adults have been so slow to address these topics head on. I wonder how we are going to get teachers to understand the SAMR tech model when some teachers still struggle with such basic computer skills as file management. I wonder how I can be a more effective leader in my district. I wonder how I can convince people that one doesn't inspire kids to be good readers through the overuse of those razzle-dazzle online reading programs that promote themselves as the best solution to raising test scores - as if test scores say anything about one's true reading life.

So I'm going to start writing about these things, and a few others, because I know that sometimes when one writes, one figures things out in ways that don't happen through any other mechanism. And because maybe someone else is wondering about these things, too.


  1. Congratulations Nancy! I too wanted to blog especially when I was in Guatemala for two months. One of my housemates even showed me how to access it but i just never followed through with it. Now I am not sure I will ever have a blog because I do try to post on Facebook about my journeys. However, if I did have a blog about my journeys; I could go into more detail. Now that would take more creativity than I think I could muster up.

    Anyway, back to your blog. I think the topics you will be discussing will be interesting to those involved in education. There are a lot of people that still seem to be threatened by technology. i believe others giving advice in this area would be surely welcome. Best wishes to you on this new journey.

  2. Nancy, I am so proud of you! As you know, blogging is a great way to reflect and think deeply on things, as well as hold yourself accountable to your personal and professional goals. You are such a smart, fun-loving writer and will soon undoubtedly attract an audience who loves your style. You inspire me every day at work and now you can impact the world with your awesomeness! :)

  3. Love it. Way to go! I cant wait to read more of your "Wonderings". Great first steps - Keep it up.

  4. You have a voice, and we will all be better now that you are sharing it. Excited to learn along with you! My view about kids and digital citizens is we don't actually need to teach them, we need to give them opportunities to actually be digital citizens and guide them in that process. - @mattBgomez

  5. Yeah! you entered the Blogger world. You have such a wonderful Blog voice! I am a follower.